Visit South Aegean Islands - Regulations

Article 1:

Organization Cycling Club ‘’Rodilios’’ & Sports Tours Hellas

Organizer`s address: 5th Km Rhodes – Lindos - Rhodes 85100,

Phone no. +30 28210 98233 E-mail:

Race Director: Giorgos Leventakis   phone: +30 6973023948

The ''Visit South Aegean Islands'' is held under the UCI rules and includes 2 stages. It is organized between 2nd -3rd  of March 2024. The total distance of the race is 341km.

Article 2: Races class

The race is registered in class ME 2.2 & is organized in accordance with the UCI regulations. In accordance with article 2.10.008 following amount of points shall be awarded for the ‘’Visit South Aegean Islands'' 2.2:

  • 40, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 3, 3, 3 points to first 10 cyclists in general classification of the race
  • 7, 3, 1 points to the best 3 riders of each stage.
  • 1 points to the leader of the general classification.

Regarding the UCI rankings the race is in UCI Europe Tour Calendar.

Article 3: Participation

The race is open to UCI professional continental teams of the country, UCI foreign professional continental teams (max 2), Continental teams, National teams, Regional teams and Club teams, as per article 2.1.005 of the UCI Regulations. Foreign national, regional and club teams should have the authorization of their national federations.

Every team must consist of min 5 and max 7 riders in accordance with article 2.2.003 UCI Regulations. Maximum number of foreign teams is 24.

Article 4: Race office-Registration-Technical meeting information & Official presentation

The preliminary operations of license control and start numbers will take place on Friday, 1st of March from 17:00 pm. to 19:00 pm, in the race office located at the following address: Rodos Palace Resort Hotel/Trianton Av.

IXIA, Tel:+302241097222 (Race Hotel)

The technical meeting in accordance with article 1.2.087 of the UCI regulations, in the presence of the Members of the Commissaires’ Panel will be held at the following address: Rodos Palace Resort Hotel/Trianton Av. IXIA,

Tel:+302241097222 on Friday March 1st at 19:15 pm.

The Press Centre of the Tour is in the following address: Rodos Palace Resort Hotel/Trianton Av. IXIA, Tel:+302241097222.

Signature Time & mini presentation for the participating teams will take place before the start of the first stage from 10.00 am. until 11.15 am. Each team has the obligation to proceed with all cyclists in their cycling clothes. The leader from each team must take place 1st of the left side for a short interview. A list will be given during the technical meeting to the teams with their order.

Article 5: Radio Tour

Radio Tour, will be broadcasted on channel which is going to be announced during the technical meeting in Greek and English. Friday March 3rd between: 17.00 p.m-19.00 p.m. Person in charge: Christos Frey

Article 6: Neutral vehicles

The Organizer provides 3 adequately equipped neutral technical support vehicles.

Article 7: Feeding
Feeding is allowed after 30 km and until 20 km before the finish. Position of the feeding zone is marked for each stage on stage profile. Waste zones is situated before and after the feeding zone, before the final 20 km and the rest is marked for each stage profile in the booklet, where riders can get rid of their waste. The food and drink inside the feeding zone shall be distributed on foot by the staff accompanying the team and by no-one else. Staff supplying the riders must wear team’s clothing and stand at a maximum of one meter from the side of the road in which traffic circulates in the place concerned. The teams can during the technical meeting to declare staff for the feeding zone. The O.C will provide a mini van for their transfer to the feeding zones, with departure 15’ min. before the start of each stage, from the starting area. 

Article 8: Accidents on the last three kilometers.

Due to the fact that 2 stages of the ''Visit South Aegean Islands'' race, have a summit finish, the UCI art. 2.6.027 (3 last km regulation) will not apply. 

Article 9: Time limits

The time limit for the ‘Visit South Aegean Islands’’ stages 1 & 2 is 12according to the 2.6.032 regulations.

The time limit may be changed by the Commisaires Panel in consultation with the organizer, during the technical meeting.

Article 10: Classification andtime bonuses

The leader of each classification shall be required to wear the corresponding distinctive jersey.

If a rider is leading more than one classification, the order of priority of the distinctive jerseys shall be as follows:

1. Individual General Classification.

2. Points Classification.

3. King of the mountain Classification

4. Under 23 Classification.

The leader riders have the obligation to take top position according to the regulations before the pre-start of each stage.

Individual General Classification BLUE JERSEY

The classification will be conducted in accordance with the UCI Regulation art. 2.6.014 and 2.6.015.

Under 23 Classification WHITE JERSEY.

The classification will include riders born between years 2002-2005.

Points Classification RED JERSEY

Intermediate sprints classification will be contested over … intermediate sprints counting for the general classification on points.

1st place – 5 points          2nd place – 3 points        3rd place – 1 point

In the event of equal amount of points, the deciding factors will be:

  • Number of intermediate sprints wins
  • General individual classification.

The riders have to complete the race in order to qualify.

NOTE. The numbers of stage wins are not counting for the General Intermediate Sprints Classification.

king of the mountain GREEN YERSEY

King of the mountain classification will be given the following points as follows:

* Number of wins on climbs. 1st place – 5 points          2nd place – 3 points        3rd place – 1 point

In the event of equal amount of points, the deciding factors will be:

  • Number of wins on climbs 2.6.017;
  • Place in General Classification;

The riders have to complete the race in order to qualify.

Team Classification.

In accordance with the article 2.6.016 of the UCI Regulations, the team classification of the day shall be calculated on the basis of the sum of the three best individual times from each team. In the event of equal times, the deciding factors shall be the lowest sum of places of those competitors or, if that fails, the higher place of the best competitor.

General team classification is the sum of team times of the completed stages.

In the event of a draw, the deciding factors will be:

  • Number of first places in the daily team classifications;
  • Number of 2nd places in the daily team classifications etc.

In the event the above measures fail, the deciding factor is the team best rider’s rank in the general individual classification.

Any team reduced to fewer than three riders shall be eliminated from the general team classification.

Time Bonuses.

Time bonuses (applied only to the individual general classification) will be awarded according to the article 2.6.019 UCI Regulation:

At the finishes of each stage: 1st 10 sec, 2nd 6 sec, 3nd 4 sec, for the three best riders.

Also on Intermediate sprints:1st 3 seconds, 2nd 2 seconds, 3rd 1 second

Article 11. Timekeeping

All recorded times will be rounded down to the nearest second. 

Live results will be live in in ProCyclingstats & Dataride.

Article 12: Prize list

The prize list in accordance with UCI Regulations for class 2.2 race – EUROPE 2 scale. Details will be given on the technical conference. The money prizes for the stages and the general final classification will be given after the publication of the anti-doping tests (maximum 90 days) directly to the account of each team. This method eliminates the risk that a rider who could possibly be found positive at the anti-doping test gets undeserved money prizes.

All the prizes are under the fiscal rule of Greece. That means we will apply 24% TAX, plus 13,82% for CPM  on every prize as below. 

A. Stage races prize money of ''Visit S.Aegean Islands''

2-3 of March 2024 Prizes per each stage
1st 844
2nd 420
3rd 210
4th 105
5th 84
6th-7th 63
8th-9th 42
10th-20th 21
20 prizes 2104€

 B. Overall Individual Classification for ‘’Visit South Aegean Islands 2.2’’

2-3 of March 2024 G.C Prize money
1st 844
2nd 420
3rd 210
4th 105
5th 84
6th-7th 63
8th-9th 42
10th-20th 21
20 prizes 2104€

 Plus 150€, 100€ & 50€ for the first three of the Intermediate sprint, hill climber & U23

Total awards granted of: 7212€

Article 13: Anti-doping test

The UCI Anti-doping Regulations are entirely applicable to the event. Moreover and in conformity with the law of Greece, the Greek Anti-doping legislation is applicable in addition to the UCI Anti-doping Regulations.

Place of Anti-doping tests will be included in another communication during the technical meeting.

Article 14: Ceremonies

In accordance to the UCI Regulations Art. 2.6.018bis the following riders should be presented: 

  • After each stage
  • The winner of the stage
    • The leader of the general classification by time
    • The leaders of the jerseys
  • After the last stage
    • The winner of the stage
    • The winners of the jerseys & the winner of the general classification by teams
    • The three first riders of the general classification by time
    • A trophy for the best team by time (riders & DS)

Ceremony shall be held 15 minutes after riders' arrival. All riders must present themselves wearing their team jersey. All teams have the obligation to bring their stick logo, if they like, in case of jerseys ceremony.

Article 15: Penalties

The penalties in accordance with UCI Regulations.

Article 16: Race security rules

The 2 Stage races will take place in the conditions of limited traffic. Intersecting traffic will be closed, so that leading riders and the main group can pass. In case of riders losing more than 15' to the peloton, the traffic will be opened and the competitors in question will be removed from the race.

All riders, technical cars and race personnel going off the racing column are obliged to follow the traffic laws. All support vehicles must follow the instructions of the commissaries and the police.

At the finish of every stage all race support cars must follow the directions of the traffic directing personnel and park on the designated spots.

In case of an accident the vehicle must stop, warning signs must be set up, first aid administered and both police and emergency services informed.

The race will be accompanied with signed Police vehicles including motorbikes with at least blue lights on. When getting close to these vehicles, race participants must take special precautions according to the traffic regulations.

Article 17: Detailed program

A detailed program of each day, the time and place of accommodation, mealsmeetings, starts, decoration and presentationpayment of prize money, transfers to the start and from finish to the hotels and detailed stage plans: mileage and travel times through the nodal points of the route, the location of the sprints, feeding zones, places particularly dangerous and rounds will be included in an additional booklet.

Article 18: Route maps

Allmapsroutesstagescan be found

Article 19: Commisaires’ Panel

Main Commissaire: ROUZIERE Mickael FRA

Commissaire 2: RIGAS Charalampos GRE

Commissaire 3: MAMMI Katerina GRE

Moto Commissaire: PEXIVE Charis GRE

Motorbike Commissaire: FREY Christos GRE

Finish line Commissaire: KARAMANIDOU Konstantina GRE

Timekeeping Commissaire: RILOVIC Ivo  

Article 20: Final provisions

- All participants should be appropriately insured,

- Money prizes are subject to taxation in accordance with the current tax.

- Organizer decides regarding in order captivated.

- All participants are required to read the rules of the competition.

Article 21: Results

The results of each stage and the general results of the race will be printed and also will be promptly published on the websites: ProCyclingstats & Dataride.

Article 22: Hospital Address

General Hospital of Rhodes ‘’Andreas Papandreou’’ Tel: +30 22413 60000, Ag. Apostoloi str. 85100